Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a great destination for dental tourism, chosen by a number of patients year.

Costa Rica is one of the top travel and tour destinations around the World. It is a Country recognized for the beauty of its beaches, forests, volcanoes, etc. As you can see, one of our doctors, Dr. Juan Pablo Avendaño, enjoy nature just minutes from one of the clinics. Get more information about our dental treatments and plans, and friendly prices. Click Receive an estimate and contact us.

Costa Rica offers a friendly, safe and peaceful environment for regular and medical tourism. Costa Rica is one of the top choices for Health Services such as Dental Rehabilitation and Plastic Surgery.

Most recently, Costa Rica is one of the best options for Real Estate Investing.

Reasons for dental tourism in Costa Rica

Because ortoCentro Dental Natural, It is a series of dental clinics with first world technology. We were born more than 30 years ago and created smiles with the best technology in the world even we specialize in removing the fear of the dentist. Because the World Health Organization has acknowledged that Costa Rica has one of the best health care systems in the world.

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We are high quality dental clinics

With first world works. We specialize in orthodontic treatment, cosmetic dentistry, and full mouth rehabilitation. We have our unique rapid tooth whitening without sensitivity. Amazing results in minutes.

We offer accommodation in one of our condos near the beach to make your stay the best for your new smile. What we do is drive you back to life.

ortOCentro Dental NATURAL, we are glad to see you smile!…

The smile you’ve always dreamed now you can achieve with us. We have over 30 years of specialized Drs be recognized and recommended by the College of Dental Surgeons. You certainly can enjoy Costa Rica and be the next to smile. The truths that smile that you deserve get us. You can send a shortcut to the address below with your email name and wishes about your new e- perfect smile. We invite you to write us and our team of Drs will respond as soon as possible.

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